Pembrokeshire Scallops

Pembrokeshire diving is fantastic. The water is cold and clean. The abundance of life always takes my breath away.Ceri Jones, Partner

Pembrokeshire is the most wonderful place to live and work. The beauty and remoteness are two factors that always impress people when they come to visit. It’s just so unspoilt.

“As divers, we wanted to earn a living doing something we both loved and Pembrokeshire Scallops was born.”
The diving is amazing, both the natural habitat and all the ship wrecks, of which there are over a thousand….
As divers, we wanted to earn a living doing something we both loved and Pembrokeshire Scallops was born.
We wanted it to be something really special, not just another company doing something. So we started with a blank page.
We designed the company from the ground up.
Most companies deal with ethics and sustainability as an after thought to deal with legislation put in front of them.
This was not the case with Pembrokeshire Scallops. We thought about the business model with ethics and sustainability in the forefront of the model design.

We only harvest by hand which means no damage to the sea bed. We don’t take every Scallop we find, we take only the medium and larger ones, leaving the others to carry on breeding and re-populating the beds for further generations to come.
The use an efficient vessel, so our carbon footprint is small and instead of large van deliveries, we choose a courier system, this means the vans are full rather than just us delivering one bag. This helps to keep it down even further.

We have uses for almost the entire Scallop. We eat the meat and use the shells. For decoration, for aggregate and we are looking into using them for chicken grit…The only bits we throw away are the frill and mantle. About 5% by weight. We are pretty proud of that and fingers crossed we might have found a use for that too.

“Pembrokeshire Scallops is dedicated to the Scallop population.”
We want to start a program of spat collection. This will help to strengthen the existing beds. We can see the beds because we are diving on them almost everyday. Some areas are stronger than others. We believe this is mainly due to years of taking scallops from these sites with no one putting anything back.

So we, as a company have made a decision to rectify this. Follow our blog for new developments…

Pembrokeshire sunset taken while at sea fishing for Pembrokeshire Scallops